Jurassic Central Park

A diceless RPG whose central mechanic is eating chicken wings and pretending to be a dinosaur in New York. Dinosaurs didn't go extinct, they live in New York, just like normal warm blooded Americans.  Sure, they knock down a building or two, or eat a bus, but they are generally normal. They avoid attracting too much attention, hold down their dino-job, go on dino-dates, celebrate dino-holidays, get in wacky dino-situations and dodge being exposed by Jack Horner, famous paleontologist.  Jurassic Central Park is a roleplaying game where you take on the role of one of these prehistoric titans.

Main Rules

GM Section

A Sample Adventure

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In the land filled with FIGHT men, COOL men and BAD men, some FIGHT men, and COOL men rise to FIGHT and BE COOL against the onslaught on the BAD men.  Also check out the expansion WOMEN OF GLORY and DOGS OF AUTHORITY.

In WOMEN OF GLORY the land is filled with BATTLE women, AWESOME women and EVIL women, some BATTLE woman, and AWESOME woman rise to BATTLE and BE AWESOME against the onslaught on the EVIL women.

In DOGS OF AUTHORITY the land is filled with BRAWL dogs, GOOD dogs and AWFUL dogs, some BRAWL DOG, and GOOD DOG rise to BRAWL and BE GOOD against the onslaught on the AWFUL dogs.




My Enemy / My Friend is a tactical miniature story game, best played with three players. Two players take the roll of two extraordinary leaders who are meeting for the final time, while the third players takes the role of the rest of humanity.  Unlike most tactical miniature game, where the goal is win ME/MF intent is to tell a good story . ME/MF is more akin to games like Fiasco, where the point is the journey and the story.  Interesting positions are far more valuable than tactical positions, and you might find yourself hoping to be put in a hopeless situation.